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What is Citizen Journalism?

& the story of Citizens' Eye

Advent of modern technology has increased the number of broadband users drastically resulting to an immense raise in information revolution. Where this revolution has been a new medium for information it is also proven to be very cost effective. The Main Stream Media (MSM) – News paper, Television, Radio; are all proving to be much more expensive and result in loss of objectivity of the news.

The MSM has its own issues of licensing, air time, space/line number issues which result into the limitation of the news, and sometimes the filtering of the main stream network news. This loss in expense is majorly covered by acquiring advertisements from the corporate sector.

The corporate sector and the journalism i.e. MSM become an ally in business, traditionally leading to a loss of interest and objectivity yet again. In some other cases these corporate sectors may bribe the MSM authorities to gather and publish such news that defer from reality and does not affect the impression, that is at stake of the news to be published; hence “downplay” comes into the game; suppressing the original news to a moderate one for the sake of “business”!

In today’s world, all of us want straight and reliable true news. This is leading to the step of a new era of journalism – Citizen Journalism. Now you can become a walking journalist yourself, with the use of Internet or a mobile camera that you carry along, you can uncover the smallest things that make a society develop.

Having very low or no running cost, Citizen Journalism fuels Internet based coverage of news having no bounds of space, video, audio or images – which the traditional Mainstream Media typically have. For example, a newspaper cannot publish videos; cannot see pictures on radio and TV channels programs cannot carry text based details for you to read. This gives a great winning edge to this journalism concept to give original news “as it is” and its objectivity and interests are maintained to the fullest. This gives opportunities to young and emerging talents who are always wearing a thinking cap, to get creative and evolve with innovative ideas for journalism of the new era and get their voice heard.

Citizens Eye, as the name suggests, is creating a platform for you to come and join this platform for creating a social network to resolve and highlight the small problems that we face in our daily lives which are seemingly ignored. Start off with your street and report what you observe and we will share this with the rest of the world. Started with local news functionality, we are aiming to be a part of the global news network so that the sound of “I” is heard in all of the continents.

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